Another Road Trip – A Perfect Day

December 7 is the date that most people associate with Pearl Harbor and remembering the sacrifices that were made. But for my sister it means it is her birthday and every year we do something to celebrate usually going out to a nice dinner with our husbands. But not this year. She wanted to go to Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas.

So, our road trip started when she picked me up around 11 am. Fortunately, Waco is only about 2 hours away. Sis had already been to Magnolia Market but it was quite hot that day, the bakery had recently opened and the line was out the door and across the street. There was a line for Magnolia Market as well. This time it was completely different.

When we hit the road it was pretty cold, maybe 46 degrees and falling, overcast and gloomy. We made it in great time and started looking for parking. Driving past the bakery there wasn’t a line, well that was encouraging. Saw the little free parking signs and we thought, “let’s check it out – what do we have to lose?” Not only did we get a free parking place, it was right near the gate. Walking through the gate we found the food trucks. We continued past the green area and made our way to the bakery. There was a line but it was inside! Yay! So we filled out our order cards, grabbed a couple of Silo Bakery t-shirts and found ourselves at the front of the line. Waiting just a few minutes for our order we took it outside to the patio area. It was still cold! The coffee was great and the nutty cinnamon roll with pecans, walnuts and cream cheese icing is to die for.

When we finished our cinnamon roll, (did I mention they are HUGE?) which we ended up sharing, we headed over to Magnolia Market and wandered around there for an hour or so, completed our purchases and took them out to the car. While sitting there trying to decide where to eat we kept hearing something hitting the windshield but couldn’t see anything. We decided to get lunch at one of the food trucks and sit in the car and eat. We each ordered the tomato basil with roasted butternut squash soup and split The Boss – bacon, Gouda and basil on sourdough from the Cheddar Box food truck. Took our comfort food back to the warmth of the car and enjoyed a perfect lunch on a cold and gloomy day.

When we finished we went to throw our trash away and use the restroom. When we came out the green grass area was almost empty. We were soon the only people outside! And then some little snow flurries started! So, Sis decided to do a FB Live and to date there are over 100 views. Crazy! She named it Magnolia Silos, Snow and my birthday. Then a quick trip to the Magnolia Seed Supply.

Grabbed some coffee from Common Grounds food truck and decided to take a quick driving tour of Baylor University since it is on my granddaughter’s short list. Snapped some pics and headed back down the road from whence we came.

Sorry this was so long, but when you have one of the special, perfect days with your sister where everything comes together and then is topped with snow – you gotta share it!

Happy Wandering and wishing you a perfect Merry Christmas. . . . .

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