A friend posted this on FB not too long ago.

“Satan does not want to beat you, imprison you, take your job away from you… He has 2 desires 1. He wants to keep you from having access to Jesus and 2. To shut you up and make you keep your faith to yourself.”

(Retweeted Vikram Pimplekar (@VPimplekar):

#WEC2018 @DallasSeminary #thetaskunfinished

This is very meaningful as I contemplate my new role as a full time caregiver to my husband. We have been actively serving in our church with leadership responsibilities. But that changed when a routine back surgery ended up as a discovery procedure and after several CT Scans and MRI’s the final diagnosis is brain cancer. My husband has brain cancer. His left side is nearly paralyzed. Radiation could help if it shrinks the tumor and he gets full use of his left side again.

So, in a sense we both feel shut up and really have no interaction, except by email, texting or FB although family members do stop by when they can and have really helped with a lot of things we take for granted. So we have decided that Satan will not shut us up. BUT since we already have access to Jesus Satan has already been thwarted and this blog will be our voice.

Shout to the LORD, all the earth; break out in praise and sing for joy! Psalm 98:4 NLT.

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