God Tweeted Me

Loss, Grief, and Change

My post called I Cry Daily started out “I have to admit I never saw myself as a caregiver to my husband”.

Well, I am no longer a full time caregiver. As quickly as it took him to take his last breath I went from wife to widow. After battling brain cancer since January of this year my husband of 46 years was gone on Friday, October 19 at around 4 am.

Today, at 4:00 am I lay here wondering why and not understanding what God has in mind taking my husband, father of our three children, grandpa to three and friend and colleague to many. Sitting in limbo space between burial and Memorial Service I wonder why and wondering if I know how to live as a single person having been engaged second semester of my senior year of high school and married at age 20 we were rarely separated for any length of time.

Interrupting my wondering wandering I hear the bling of a notification on my phone and actually feel prompted to see what it is that would show up at 4:03 am on Twitter.

Never question if God answers prayer. We just need to be available to hear his answer no matter how he sends it.

So at 4:03 am God tweeted me using Amy Carroll of Proverbs 31 Ministries. Her blog on The Uncomfortable Gift of Elbow Room definitely spoke to my need. She states:

“Change is hard because it always involves a loss, but our good God makes sure that there are gains that accompany our grief.”

And so, I am back to my New Years commitment – whatever happens in 2018 make it count. And, I still cry daily.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

To God be the glory

Check out Amy Carrol’s blog and be blessed The Uncomfortable Gift of Elbow Room

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