Peaceful Pause

You know, I cannot believe another roller coaster year has come and gone.  It was a great year and the worst of years.  But, no matter, God is still on the throne and He is sovereign.  Here is a great quote from Billy Graham:

God is unchanging in His love,

He loves you. He has a plan for your life.

Don’t let the newspaper headlines frighten you. 

God is still sovereign; He’s still on the throne.

 As a believer in Christ, it is always a comfort to know that God is always in control and His timing is perfect.  I have seen this so many times in my life.

And yet, I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of glad the holidays are over – for now.  Not that I don’t love Christmas because I do.  I mean I always over decorate, over cook, over bake plus I think I watched every Christmas Hallmark movie for this year about ten time plus some timeless old favorites like Miracle on 34th (in B&W – thank you) and White Christmas.  But, this year, I decided to try to keep it simple. To actually focus on the reason for the season and not the doing of the season.  And I did succeed pretty well.   But, no matter what, every year, good or bad, as we approach New Year’s Eve I look forward to and long for my family’s Peaceful Pause.

One of our traditions, even when our kids were little, is on New Years Day we plan and cook a special breakfast, watch the Rose Parade and then the Rose Bowl game and any other worthy football games that may be on TV. When we lived in California that meant getting up at the crack of dawn for the parade, or at least it felt like it (now that we live in Texas we even get to sleep in a little longer). But we stayed in our jammies most of the day. We may have reminisced about the previous year or what we might do in the new year or not.  The kids may have played with their new toys – but mainly we just vegged and snuck in a long, overdue nap.  Sometimes we would hang around the house or we might go outside and play.  Of course, we did that much more when the kids were little. And then last, but not least, all the Christmas decorations are taken down and packed away.  It is just one peaceful serendipitous day¸ wrapped in our own warm and cozy cocoon of peace and love and tucked in between the weeks of chaotic, joyful holiday activities, and the reboot of the rat race that is our life.  That is our own peaceful pause!

What do you do on New Year’s day?  Is making resolutions part of your new year plan? How was 2017 for you? Comment below.

And with that, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and whatever happens this year – ask the Lord to make it count.

Another Road Trip – A Perfect Day

December 7 is the date that most people associate with Pearl Harbor and remembering the sacrifices that were made. But for my sister it means it is her birthday and every year we do something to celebrate usually going out to a nice dinner with our husbands. But not this year. She wanted to go to Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas.

So, our road trip started when she picked me up around 11 am. Fortunately, Waco is only about 2 hours away. Sis had already been to Magnolia Market but it was quite hot that day, the bakery had recently opened and the line was out the door and across the street. There was a line for Magnolia Market as well. This time it was completely different.

When we hit the road it was pretty cold, maybe 46 degrees and falling, overcast and gloomy. We made it in great time and started looking for parking. Driving past the bakery there wasn’t a line, well that was encouraging. Saw the little free parking signs and we thought, “let’s check it out – what do we have to lose?” Not only did we get a free parking place, it was right near the gate. Walking through the gate we found the food trucks. We continued past the green area and made our way to the bakery. There was a line but it was inside! Yay! So we filled out our order cards, grabbed a couple of Silo Bakery t-shirts and found ourselves at the front of the line. Waiting just a few minutes for our order we took it outside to the patio area. It was still cold! The coffee was great and the nutty cinnamon roll with pecans, walnuts and cream cheese icing is to die for.

When we finished our cinnamon roll, (did I mention they are HUGE?) which we ended up sharing, we headed over to Magnolia Market and wandered around there for an hour or so, completed our purchases and took them out to the car. While sitting there trying to decide where to eat we kept hearing something hitting the windshield but couldn’t see anything. We decided to get lunch at one of the food trucks and sit in the car and eat. We each ordered the tomato basil with roasted butternut squash soup and split The Boss – bacon, Gouda and basil on sourdough from the Cheddar Box food truck. Took our comfort food back to the warmth of the car and enjoyed a perfect lunch on a cold and gloomy day.

When we finished we went to throw our trash away and use the restroom. When we came out the green grass area was almost empty. We were soon the only people outside! And then some little snow flurries started! So, Sis decided to do a FB Live and to date there are over 100 views. Crazy! She named it Magnolia Silos, Snow and my birthday. Then a quick trip to the Magnolia Seed Supply.

Grabbed some coffee from Common Grounds food truck and decided to take a quick driving tour of Baylor University since it is on my granddaughter’s short list. Snapped some pics and headed back down the road from whence we came.

Sorry this was so long, but when you have one of the special, perfect days with your sister where everything comes together and then is topped with snow – you gotta share it!

Happy Wandering and wishing you a perfect Merry Christmas. . . . .

If all else fails. . .just sing

I was born and raised in California, but with deep Texas roots. So, I got to Texas as fast as I could.  After living here 20+ years Texas and its people still continue to amaze me.

When Harvey hit and the devastation was revealed I know everyone cried with them and wanted to rush down there, hug them, and help fix everything.  The problem was there was no easy or good way to get there, plus the First Responders  (from all over) were there and we would just be in the way But with the aid of the locals they began to search, rescue and clean up. But some things are just not fixable.  But the Texan spirit does still prevail and although we have seen a lot of things since Harvey descended and practically leveled south Texas I bet you never expected to see this.  This is what Texans are made of.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Les Harveyables (please follow the link)

Via The Chron – Theater people after the storm: ‘Les Harveyables’

Screen capture from Sarah Hames' Les Harveyables.SLIDESHOW: Unshakeable Houston spirit comes through on social media  Photo: Screen Capture From Sarah Hames' YouTube Video 'Les Harveyables.'

Photo: Screen Capture From Sarah Hames’ YouTube Video ‘Les Harveyables.’

Gas Shortage???

I live in North Texas. As you know Hurricane Harvey really did a number in South Texas and there is a lot of devastation to deal with. Texans are awesome as well as other people from out-of-state who have come to their aid.  The pictures coming out of South Texas of the heroic rescues are nothing more than miraculous. Hope you’re joining me with continued prayer for South Texas and the other areas that have been devastated by Harvey.

But back here in North Texas a weird thing is happening.  The media has reported a gas shortage because of the flooding and a fire at a refinery.  So, people are lining up to get gas and there is no gas. One gas station reported that they got their delivery at 2:30 pm and by 3:30 pm they were out of gas. One news report said the good news is that the shortage should last only 2-3 weeks. But the bad news is that it should only last 2-3 weeks.  And today, there is no gas in my area.  My husband went to the gas station that was suppose to have gas and found a line for as far as he could see down the Dallas Parkway.  While he was waiting and watching the guy on the radio said, We don’t get our gas from South Texas – we get it from Oklahoma and there is no shortage there! Go figure.

The Shack – A Book Review/Opinion

So, it seems there is a lot of controversy again about The Shack.  Especially among those who are Christians.  Believers have been warned from all sides that this is not a movie a Christian should go see as it paints a picture of God that is unbiblical. The Shack was first introduced as a book and the author was pronounced a heretic and a deceiver. He was even accused of trying to recreate God.

Well, this is my take on it and it is short and sweet.  This is one man’s journey back to God and reconciling with the grief and loss that, yes, he will live with forever. Who are we to criticize how he got there if he professes he is where God wants him to be?

Let me tell you a little story.  My brother-in-law is a Jew. His mom, dad, brother, Nana, grandpa, everybody he grew up with was Jewish.  When The Shack came out, my husband gave him a copy. He read it!!  The man does not read anything except maybe the newspaper. What would compel him to read it not once but at least three times?  But his first reaction was – I had a dream a long time ago and God came to me as black woman!!!  What? Why?  He has never shared with my husband what happened in the dream. Just that He was a black woman!  I can’t say whether or not he has accepted Jesus as the Messiah as my husband has, but it sure opened the door to many conversations about God and all the questions concerning God and why He allows things to happen the way they do in the world we live in.

This is what I think.  If one person came to know the Lord because of the book or the movie who can criticize that? Worried about the other messages that are possibly incorrect in the book/movie?  Forget about it! God’s got it covered.  We need to stop putting God in a box and let God be God in our lives and go out and be Jesus to the world.

So, what do you think? Will you see The Shack?   If so, take lots of tissues and let me know what you think of The Shack movie. 🙂  Here’s the link to the trailer if you have not heard of it yet.

Like-minded people?

Image may contain: text

(Image is no longer available but basically said that surroudning ourselves with like-minded people could ensure that what we see in others is our own reflection)

)Got this off my friend’s Facebook page and reiterate her response – WOW! Gives new meaning to like-minded people.  What do you see when you look at those closest to you?  Beautiful people being perfectly themselves or your own reflection?