Only by Grace

Well, time flies when you are having fun. Just realized I had not posted since April!! Not a whole lot has changed. I’m still a caregiver to my husband. He’s had a few adventures that landed him in the hospital for a week, skilled nursing facility for 2 days, (til he took a fall) a ride in an ambulance, 3 more days in the hospital, and 2 weeks in rehab. Back home now. And that was just August!

I have learned many things since becoming a full time caregiver for my husband, but these two are what I’m dealing with now:

1) All the things that bug, annoy, and hate about your husband are exacerbated by whatever they are going through because they are so miserable, in pain, unhappy with the current limitation or just plain bored (to name a few).

2) I need more Grace.

The Greek word for grace is “charis,” which translates to kindness, gift, blessing, and favor. I cannot tell you how many times I have received a kindness or gift, at just the right time, that just blessed my day. Inserting a ray of sunshine and hope that causes me to lift my head and realize I am not alone.

But I too need to be able to exhibit kindness, and become a blessing to the person God has entrusted to me to care for. Especially on those days when the same request has been made for the 10th million time for something that is not feasible or manageable. When sleep exhaustion has sapped both our energies. When some days are just plain ole harder than others.

Pastor Chuck Swindoll of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX put it all into proper perspective for me while preaching on Jonah. He said “until we face and accept reality, will grace bring back the calm” and that only happens when we look up from our circumstances into the face of our all-loving God and Heavenly Father, accepting the place where I am and know that in the trenches of my circumstances I can still experience His joy in all I do and the peace and calm that follows makes the burden of reality lighter.

Isaiah 26:3, l Peter 5:7, John 14:27